From Aquarian Perspectives Journal #25 * 1/1/2000

Mother Ship Over Sangre de Cristo Mountains

This story will share a relatively unknown occult truth about the ancient etheric city overshadowing Santa Fe, Taos, Angels Fire and Eagle Nest, New Mexico and one hundred miles surrounding them in every direction. It also provides some background reference to a remarkably ancient protoplasmic doctrine of the earth. This doctrine requires clairvoyant abilities to substantiate its reality. It prognosticates Mother Earth, Gaia, as a living bio-electric entity whose body has a spiritual-psychic-energy composition. Modern American academia and society have not recognized this, yet it was once widely accepted by nearly all early cultures.

In this day and age, modern academia is just beginning to accept researches and doctrines from spiritual sources. Witness the news article in this issue covering the Mother Mission's award of "International Who's Who" and "2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century". In the Piscean Age, the routine labyrinth of academic research relied mostly on simple amassing of information which they could consider factual, purely from a physical standpoint. This lovely Aquarian Age has thawed the obstinate reaction to spiritual research.

Up until the Aquarian Age, Piscean Age science imprisoned itself in a constricted clique of inquiry whose criterion were unquestionably forked and required compliance by consolidated pacts, guaranteeing that the result at no time upgrades itself beyond the accepted pabulum. In this era's Aquarian thought, what used to be seen as a counter-culture New Age trend, has now dissolved the old dogmatic cast. Many of the Piscean Age academic scientists are not only taking seriously these so-called New Age disciplines, but also making them their own, and science is benefiting greatly because of it. A great reason for this is the Extra-Terrestrial influence, which has given us computers, and technology which we call worthy of this modern era. Witness U.S. Army retired Colonel Philip J. Corso's, new book, "The Day After Roswell". During our interview with the publisher, we learned as we reported in detail in the last Star Love Network issue, that during his Pentagon stint, Col. Corso has had "personal stewardship of technology recovered from the extra-terrestrial spacecraft that crashed near Roswell." Col. Corso said, he personally used the technology to seed many of the modern advances that the United States uses today! Some of the results of this technology are "integrated circuits, fiber optics, light amplification devices, lasers, particle beam weapons, Kevlar and other military Star Wars technology."

The "Cosmic Bulletin," an ET-related newsletter begun by the late great George Adamski, in its December 1997 issue related, "Former Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell released a statement saying that extraterrestrials have crash-landed on Earth. He believes that some military projects incorporate technologies derived from captured alien spacecraft and he is calling for congressional hearings into what he calls a secret that the U.S. government knows all about. This certainly coincides with the knowledge of numerous other credible individuals, both inside NASA and without, who have given similar testimony towards this same fact."

One of the goals of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission in publishing the Star Love Network Journal, as well as our scientific researches and medical services is to work for the time to come when the material we cover in this journal become mainstream. We work for the day when, in publications such as "Time Magazine", "Look Magazine", etc., alternative type materials will appear. Then our Mission on Earth will take-on different perimeters. So, as we discuss this story with you about the etheric city of Sangre de Cristo, we do so, fully expecting many to realize that we are not talking science fiction; and that the etheric city is not only a valid condition of our physical existence but that the greater world in which we live, comprises the fulcrum of the New Paradigms now sharing our existence on this orb.

The Paradigms that the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission submits are at the forefront of the Aquarian Age are:
These indicate that our overall assumption that the HU-culture has surely entered a hyper-thrust into a more advanced scope of thought and communication procedures transcending patriarchal, intellectual and spiritual boundaries is correct! We are very happy to be a part of this Transcendental Ascension process that keeps any scientific advancement worthy, and opens us up to a whole new spectrum of truth realities.
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