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(From the AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES Journal #24 & Internet Journal z77)

In April of 1998 the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission established the Taos Ashram in New Mexico. In this issue, we are constrained by the Spiritual Hierarchy to offer some insight as to the Mission's unique role and service.

As laborers in the fields of the Lord, members will have various levels of service to enact in this Plan the Masters Know and Serve. It shall be our pleasure to offer our Aquarian Perspective. My beloved twin-flame and I, representing the East-West cultures of your earth, serve the Spiritual Hierarchy by implementing the Plan the Ascended Masters Know and Serve, to prepare for THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST and of WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN in the Western traditions and the RETURN OF THE BUDDHA MAITREYA and of an INCARNATION OF LORD VISHNU, in the Eastern traditions.

UPDATE: After 5 years (1998-2003) we completed our work in the Sangre de Cristos and departed Taos for Mt. Shasta, California, where we spent a year August 2003 - November 2004. Though 5 months of that we were deployed on a 26 state USA Blessings expedition from California to Florida and back (December 2003 - April 2004). Though we serve as Interplanetary Ambassadors in this earth existence we are also commissioned by the Spiritual Hierarchy for this realm to anchor the Ashram of the Ascended Masters on Earth.

We did so via our Traveling Ashram May 2004 to July 2007 in this lovely Winnebago Elandan Royal Coach donated to the Mother Mission through the kind heart of reader Larry Frank of South San Francisco, California.

In May of 2004 Dr. Raja was awakened by a dream from the mists of Avalon and told to drive to Oregon to select a motor home for the Mission to use as a mobile ashram. Several hours later the above motor home was purchased in Merlin, Oregon.

The traveling Interplanetary Mission's Ashram eventually found itself in Tucson, Arizona {January-April 2005} on Mission Road just 9 minutes from The "White Dove of the Desert Mission" the San Xavier del Bac Mission

"The White Dove of the Desert"
Note the lovely Rainbow behind the Mission ... but most important to us is its nick name: "The White Dove of the Desert"

San Xavier Mission is acclaimed by many to be the finest example of mission architecture in the United States. It is a graceful blend of Moorish, Byzantine and late Mexican Renaissance architecture, yet the blending is so complete it is hard to tell where one type begins and another ends.

The church is a series of domes and arches that create enclaves for themes of painting on the various walls, domes and rooms. The area behind the high altar is a dazzling gilt of colors. The wall paintings are all original, but over time have needed to be touched up. Time and the harsh desert weather have taken a toll on the beauty that is within the church and the entire mission complex. Currently the church is going through an ongoing restoration that tries to clean, repair and preserve as much of the church as it can. Outside the church, the restoration is even more extensive, and for this we have the gracious donations of visitors, patrons and the Patronato.

We loved spending some time at this Church. We prayed to the Most Holy Mother of all Planets, that Earth be rescued from the clutches of the harmful aliens who prey upon this world. It is interesting that we just learned that our little Interplanetary Mobile Mission now at a RV Resort in Tucson, AZ is located on a road named Mission road - as it leads to this very Mission! San Xavier Mission, - (the Saviors Mission, and the Church there is called "The White Dove of the Desert" - the Council of 12 sure has a unique sense of humor - deploying us here. Surely it is reminiscent of their deploying us here to accomplish our Mission On Earth - to assist in the Salvation of dear sweet Mother Earth and all her precious life forms!

Above is the lovely Main Altar and High Arched ceiling of the Church. Native Americans maintain and upgrade the Church. We could see them working alongside a team of International artists refurbishing the walls, the colorful paints, the statues and caring for this little Church from their hearts and souls. The Spanish people here are so kind and devotional. It is no wonder GODDESS|GOD loves them so.


The Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission melds a synthesis of the Western Essene Tradition with that of the Eastern Buddhist Philosophy, Native American Sacred Pipe Teachings and the fulfillment of gnostic Christianity and the Hindu Vedas. In this age of Aquarius, MAITREYA as the AVATAR OF SYNTHESIS, will bridge the gap through His Emergence as Maitreya the Christ.

Our understanding of the work of MAITREYA in THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST is: We are now on the border of this great initiation, we are heading closer and closer to its center and fulfillment. That is why Christ returns to the Earth because always the great Master of a solar system incarnates and gives aid to the planet which is the lowest in progression in that system. Yes, those who say catastrophe comes, speak with truth; but the Earth will not end. It shall become new, as it is written. There shall be a New Heaven and a New Earth; - the Old made New. The work of the mobile Ashram of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission, with all its readers spread across the World Wide Web, is the Preparation and Establishment of this Plan the Masters Know and Serve!

Perhaps it may be new to some souls to learn that Maitreya overshadowed Jesus the Christ in his lifetime. Yet, there is another Great Soul who is of prime importance in this Plan the Masters Know and Serve. That being is Sananda, our Star Commander-In-Chief. Our book, Himalayan Star Conclaves covers the entire story of Sananda and the Christ.

SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip to Dr. George Hunt Williamson, in Secret of the Andes, says: "This stepping-up and Initiation has long been scheduled for Earth by the Hierarchical Board in charge of Earth's evolution. The incarnation of the Master Sananda as Jesus of Palestine marked the two-thousand year approach to the final Day of Judgment and the Second Coming of The Christ."

"Jesus-Sananda, whose many incarnations on Earth have included Sananda, a great spiritual leader at the time of the original civilization on Earth of the Elder Race (the Cains and Abels) over 26 million years ago, and later as Jesus of Palestine, presently holds office for a second time on our Earth plane as World Teacher and embodiment of The Christ."

Nada-Yolanda channels from the Spiritual Hierarchy as part of the Mark-Age Unit. The following is part of the "Second Coming Announcement" by Jesus-Sananda, channeled through her on August 17th 1966:

" I speak in the name of Jesus, Lord of this World and of all which concerns this Earth sphere. I am he who is known as the Christ, and through this channel announce my coming unto Earth once more. It is my intention that all who know and believe in this shall see and shall welcome it in the flesh. I have not come before this time, for man was not ready to receive his Lord..."

" Our Lord and Master of this Universe, known as Lord Michael (Archangel Michael), and he who is my master teacher, Maitreya, the Lord also, are conversant with and in command over all universal laws and material laws physical to those particular dimensions..."

" You have been alerted to these days and these times in the last two thousand years, since the resurrection of my body and my personality. In that time and in that consequence I never have ceased to work continuously... in the efforts to bring forth this Second-Coming announcement. In the days ahead we prepare all for it; one here and there, many, crying out the word and the announcement."

" I now enact the role given unto me throughout the ages: to be your way-shower, to be your Prince, to be the Lord of the World and all that involves the Earth planet... I am Sananda of the Hierarchical Board, known on Earth through my last incarnational frequency as Jesus the Christ, Lord of this World and of the planet known as Earth."

Thus the long-prophesied cleansing and physical changes to Planet Earth at the end of this millennium will usher in the real New Age and the Second Coming of Christ, the New Millennium of the Golden Age of a Thousand Years of Peace under The Christ on Earth. This is a Mission to prepare for the second coming of the Christ, the Souls associated with Him, and providing the energies that are serving a fundamental part in that mission; thus reflecting this new approach to things that comes from the Aquarian consciousness. One of the most visible results of this influence is the new world wide acceptance of the UFO phenomenon.

Aquarius as an astrological influence rules all these fields of expression, and particularly Brotherhood. We are now close to realize the existent brotherhood between our own variety of genetics that exist on Earth, with extra-planetary cultures, and also with what is known as the Fifth Kingdom of nature.

Just as we attempt to take care of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, the Goodly extra-terrestrials and the Spiritual Hierarchy take care of us. Eventually, the human race will be conscious of the Unity of All. The Spiritual Hierarchy is becoming a reality for Humanity as they began physical manifestation of their existence.

There is another important phenomenon of our times that is related with this externalization of the Kingdom of God. The doors are opening and soon many human beings will see our Master again. He is committed to the work of the Lord of The World (The Father) for a period of time unknown, but eventually He will continue His evolutionary path out of this Solar System. His place as Teacher of the World, and as The Christ, will be filled by a close disciple of His. But first He will make His promise of the return a tangible reality.

These truths are not yet fully apprehended by most human beings, and the mundane minded will even think we are getting worse. The work of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission is necessary now, because it is true that what is known as 'The Kingdom of God' is increasingly manifesting in the physical plane. "

Christ is Universal, is God. How can you limit that to our little planet?" Sananda is the Commander of the Dove Command, as Ashtar is Commander of the Ashtar Command. While the Ashtar Command's chief function is the sphere of protection with his Armada of Star Ships, Sananda's Dove Commands main sphere of influence is that of spreading the quality of Love all about this dear sweet orb.

This is the true principle of Universal brother\sisterhood. Remember that He always referred to His Father. That Father is also a Planetary Entity, and the real director of all the planetary life and events. 'The One Who Sits On The Throne' and the ones that are most closely related to His work, now His Son, The Christ, was the first of the whole human race to ever enter the door of the Fifth Kingdom in this planet.

Since then, He has been the first in taking any evolutionary step. He is the Master of Masters, and He surely sits to the right of the Father. He (as everybody knows) has also assumed the works of the World Savior, and that He did at different times, in different periods of human evolution, and of course with different vehicles of expression (bodies, if you want).

Many Hindus worship an incarnation of that same principle (The Christ) that occurred thousands of years ago (Sri Krishna), but not many of them accept the similitude between the two Messiahs. In the Orient He is known as the Lord Maitreya, and He is now at the head of the 'Kingdom of God', also known as The Hierarchy, and He functions there as the World Teacher. This important center (The Hierarchy) of spiritual power in our planet is now composed entirely of human beings) that have transcended life in 'the three lower worlds' (the Physical, Astral and Mental Planes).

They have listened to the call and the advise given by those who were more evolved, and with determination, they made the necessary effort to achieve the position that they now occupy in the spiritual affairs of the world. They have reached such a state of Pure Love and Wisdom, that they are able to use constructively almost all the occult resources and powers of nature.

The Avataric manifestations of Lord Vishnu

The Omniversal Blessings Altar we now maintain on our mobile Ashram contains icons of many previous Avatars and Goddesses. Many ask why we impart that "This important center (The Spiritual Hierarchy) of spiritual power in our planet is now composed entirely of human beings." This is a fact which we will portray from the Hindu cosmology. The Spiritual Hierarchy incarnates in HU-form to stop the invasion of wicked demons and covert alien invasions. When Mother Earth, called Bhumi in Sanskrit, alerts Sanat Ku MA RA and Lord Brah MA that things are getting out-of-hand, they deploy Micha EL and his band of Angels and the Ashtar Command with his Armada of Star Ships to save the Earth. This counter method is developed doubly via the taking on of HU-form by some of these warriors of the Light along with a High Administration of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Part of our work on Earth involves the assisting on the Earth plane of spiritual commUNITYS with acres and acres of organic luscious vegetable gardens, fruit orchards and landscaped meditation gardens. We will erect temples of the world's major religions, maintained by practicing holy ministers of each tradition, qualified to conduct services and answer questions for visitors. Healing Temples will provide help to those seeking health and well-being. Healers from all traditions are called to participate.

A Landing Site for the Star Ships will be prepared for the 2012 mass landings! Included will be the building of Pyramids and Healing Temples. The Masters will not do the work alone. " This is a project for humanity," they say, " and therefore humanity must work together to see this vision a reality on Earth." We are lovingly seeking benefactors, individuals, or organizations, to make tax deductible contributions to this work.

Filipina Moi-Ra on her 85th birthday with Cherokee Dancer * Cherokee, North Carolina 9/13/08

* UPDATE: 12/26/08: We invite readers of all Paths to join us, in this place, called Mt. Pisgah in the Smoky Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina at the foot of the Promised Land ... to fulfill the Plan the Masters Know and Serve. If this article has moved you, feel free to call us at: 828.665.0411 or 575-770-5426 or please click here to send us an e-mail message

Bless You!
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