Introduction to the term, "The Light"

As we invoke it in our work.
August 24, 1974
Solar Cross Teaching

By: Hatonn "Greetings, in the Light of Our Radiant One. I am Hatonn, It has been a long period of time since I have had the privilege of extending my thoughts to your minds, and if I may be allowed the privilege of submitting a few of my comments, for your inspection, I would be greatly pleased. I would share my thoughts with all, on a topic which many upon your planet have given a great deal of thought. Let us think about that most inclusive subject called, "The Light." We have noted upon many occasions your various expressions concerning "The Light." The "Light of The Radiant One" - the "Light of the Divine" - the "Light of the Creator," or whatever other descriptive sources that you visualize "The Light" emanating from."

"Perhaps I may somehow increase your awareness regarding this. When you employ the term "The Light," perhaps you could visualize it in this way. "The Light" is of no specific color and yet it is all colors, whether it be the visualization of the pure white radiance or however you do visualize it, its color qualities are very incidental. But, you are calling forth, knowingly or not, and invoking the most powerful emanation in creation. In your holy works, I have observed a reference. It is this: "In the beginning, there was the Word." "The Word," my brothers and sisters, was "The Light of Our Radiant One" - the most encompassing emanation in all creation."

"The Light" may be employed in every manner that is conceivable to your mind and for whatever purposes you envision. You may call forth or INVOKE "The Light" for the protection of your being and person, as well as for your loved ones and your possessions. You have INVOKED "The Light" on numerous occasions to condition the very environment in which you exist. I believe that on each such occasion your employment of this force and essence has always produced the desired results. The reason I bring this topic - "The Light of the Divine Radiant Essence" into your awareness on this occasion is that in your Pursuit and study and evaluation of that which presently you shall encounter you will have great need to employ this "Light."

"I would submit for your consideration that upon each and every occasion where you are either thinking, or considering, or executing, any form of thought, word or deed, that you employ "The Light." That this "Light" be employed in such a way as to use it to clarify your thinking. I believe you will sense the reasons for this."

"How many of you have thought of INVOKING and employing "The Light" in your daily activities and thinking? My brothers and sisters, this is perhaps the most important aspect and usage of "The Light," for those thoughts which course through your minds, which result in some form of action, should always be enveloped and permeated by this "Light.” You use a statement in many of your thought processes which seems to be a type of safeguard, when you state - and I use the words "Thy will be done." What you are implying, but not stating correctly, IS that "The Light" will function as it is intended."

"I merely submit these thoughts to help clarify your thinking, to make them more responsive, and at one with "The Light." To perhaps clear away some of the clouds of confusion which, unfortunately, obscure much of the thinking upon your planet, as well as that observed in your minds. With your employment of "The Light" many subtle qualities are to be experienced."

"I have spoken on numerous occasions about the topic called "Love.” Can any among you visualize the magnitude of the "love" inherent in this "Light"? Can you visualize or comprehend this subtle quality as it permeates your beings and your thoughts as you employ "The Light"? Can you not be aware and realize that a new and subtle quality of this very essence will become AT ONE with all of your thought processes? Would not this "Light" then illuminate the darkness of the outermost reaches of your minds?"

"In those days which lie ahead in your individual futures would not the very magnificence of the use of "The Light" bring about a new condition of being, as it is employed? You have heard from another brother that it was a peculiar type of light which emanated from your planetary sun which brought about the malfunctioning of natural laws upon your world. It was only by the correct application of, A LIGHT SUBSTANCE OF DIFFERENT AND ENHANCED QUALITY that this form of radiation could be nullified. If, my brothers and sisters, "The Light" has such potentials in its employment, do you wish to continue using it ... so casually? Would you not rather include it, in its true functioning, in your everyday activities? You need not be concerned as to the functioning of "The Light," for "The Light," my brothers and sisters, needs merely to be called forth. Its functioning are inherent in itself. "The Light" will always operate and function in the correct manner. It cannot be abused in any way. A negative quality of "The Light" does not exist, for it could not then be "The Light," but would be some other emanation instead."

"I have submitted these thoughts with your permission to illumine your thought processes with this "Light" that we have spoken of, for my beloved ones, you have great need to employ this "Light." As the planet upon which you reside at this time passes through the great period of transition, use "The Light" so wisely, employ it often. Your beings will become all the more radiant by this usage and perhaps, that which you anticipate as a period of great difficulty, will merely become a period of great illumination."

"It does not require any great degree of effort to transcend those patterns of thinking in which you have been caught up, and so, through the use and the employment of this "Light," see the way more clearly. I trust that these concepts, which I have submitted, find their way into the innermost core of your being and its awareness. For when I. use this term, "my beloved," it is a term which describes most adequately the scope of my affection for those of your planet who share these thoughts, as well as all who eventually come to know them. I leave you now, my beloved, with these thoughts fresh in your awareness. Tend them with great care and love and you will see them blossom forth into the reality of a new form of creation. A creation that will be in perfect harmony with that which you are to become. I am most pleased that you allowed me the privilege of imparting these thoughts from one who is perhaps somewhat older in his thinking."

"It is always our great privilege to come within the emanations of the "Light" that each of you represent. I am most pleased and humbled and it is with love that I depart now. In doing so may I be among the first to INVOKE this "Light," that it become ever more magnified in your being and awareness. In the Light of Our Radiant One, I depart now. Adonai, my brothers and sisters of Earth. I am Hatonn. Adonai."
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