Global Peace Center

Another great hope on Earth in the Age of Aquarius is the return of art to our lives, and a celebration of the true blessings that MUSIC and HARMONIC VIBRATIONS can offer us. And especially in this Age of Aquarius, all the great extra-terrestrial sciences will once again be shared here on Earth! Media-tech will become bio-interactive, so fantastic, that we will enjoy the arts and music in fashions seldom seen before, on any world! There are so many Master Artists, Authors, and Musicians here amongst us now! This brings to mind a most Fabulous Event - Coming Up Soon! Tell All your friends, and come to the show! For here will be gathered many of the great Master Musicians all under one roof - YOU INCLUDED!


The Historic Magnificent Palace Of Fine Arts in downtown San Francisco, California, USA, Will Be Transformed Into A Visionary Art Gallery for this Sacred Event destined to usher in a new era for the Earth! THE ERA OF THE ARTIST!

We are in the process of creating a remarkable celebratory "Aquarian Community Art and Networking Event" which is bringing together some of the finest Aquarian Visionary Artists together in a sacred space to share their remarkable talents, gifts and insights. An event for artists by artists and all others who want to be inspired by Love , Truth , Beauty and Creativity. This event WILL "Inspire, Delight, Heal and Enlighten" all who attend!

We are also seeking co-sponsors for this event! Lovers of the Arts may help support the event and the conversion of Alcatraz Island into The Global Peace Center.

Majestic in its simplicity, revolutionary as a political metaphor, The Global Peace Center proclaims Global Renaissance! A New Epoch! A time of Enduring Peace For Humanity!

To find out more about The Program, and to Get your ticket, and to co-sponsor this event by becoming a Patron/Matorn of the Arts, Please See:

Proceeds to benefit the Global Peace Foundation for the purposes of converting Alcatraz Island into THE GLOBAL PEACE CENTER.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California
Majestic in its Simplicity, Revolutionary as a Political Metaphor, The Global Peace Center Proclaims Global Renaissance!... New Epoch!... Time of Enduring Peace for All Humanity...

The Global Peace Foundation, in association with One Earth, One People Peace Vision, Inc. invites you to participate in a sacred and majestic project... The transformation of Alcatraz Island into The Global Peace Center. By converting what used to be a place of pain and suffering into a "JEWEL OF LIGHT", we will unleash powerful forces for Cooperation, Reconciliation and Healing.

The Global Peace Center, featuring the Harmoniums, an Artainments multi-media center, and The One Earth - One People World Cultures and Conference Center will serve as a dramatic and dynamic international showcase...

San Francisco, the "Geneva of the West" and a major center for the rapidly emerging Pacific Rim nations, is ideally suited for this project...

The central structure is The Harmoniums, an architecturally advanced Artainments multi- media facility of Laser Light, holographic sound, and fragrance.
BEAR 2012